Orthopedics for individual of all ages

Musculoskeletal conditions and injuries cause severe pain that keep individuals of all ages from working and enjoying their lives. A well reputed orthopedic doctor in Dubai is committed to prevent, diagnose and treat any such congenital and degenerative conditions.

Expertise of an orthopedic doctor: Specialized orthopedic doctors are experts when it comes to the study of specific body areas such as the spine, hip, knee, elbow, shoulder, hand, ankle and foot.

Non surgical methods: A good orthopedic surgeon is one that would not right away recommend surgery rather first diagnose the patient’s problem through various tests and physical examinations. If the condition of the patient does not seem to be severe, the orthopedic doctor would refer the patient to a reliable physiotherapist who can work on the injured body parts.

Visiting a pediatric orthopedic: Pediatric orthopedics are qualified to treat children with musculoskeletal conditions and also to work on sports related injuries. Working with a pediatric orthopedic at the earliest can do wonders for children who are touted as child prodigies in a sport they are passionate about. At least in this manner their professional sports career would not have to come to a halt in the longer run. The fact that pediatric orthopedics constantly monitor the child’s development over time bodes well for their future. To better explain it should the child should be found with a curved spinal cord, the concerned doctor would first conduct series of tests and physical examinations to determine the severity of the curve. In case of less prominent curves, the teenager can work with a physiotherapist under the watchful eyes of their pediatric orthopedic doctor.

Consequences of surgery: Should the curve be severe, prominent and affects the child’s mobility on a regular basis only then surgery should be considered. There is a reason for delaying of surgeries amongst children since their bones including the spinal cord are still developing. By opting for surgery, growth of the spine would could come to a complete stop. Apart from the spinal cord being affected, complications post surgeries resulting in blood loss amongst many other complications can affect the patient in the longer run. It is important that the pediatrician, physiotherapist, surgeon and the parents come to a common understanding for the child’s future.

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