Discrete armoring of your car – know how it is done

If you have a passion for cars, then you are likely to go for one soon, if you don’t have one already. There is no denying the fact that owning a car can be quite addictive. Once you have the car in possession, you would look to improve and enhance it in every way possible. But, what if you ended up buying a car that is heavily modified and improved from off the assembly line? Find that hard to believe? Well, it is true and armored cars are in fact modified and enhanced out of the factory. Your armored car likely has everything that you wanted to see in a car. It has a decent armor, a rugged transmission, a powerful engine and an excellent suspension. If that is not enough, it also has tires that will take you at least 50 kilometers away from a danger zone even after they are punctured. You can resist all these features? Possibly you cannot, which is why looking to purchase an armored car, or having a discrete armored car in your possession makes sense. Here is more:

Features in discrete armored cars

 First thing to realize is that a discrete armored car is different from a prefabricated one. Both are different in many ways. a discrete armored car was once a simple car, until you took it to the company for enhancing its armor. The car was taken to the factory where it received bomb blanket, extra armor plating over the body and crucial areas of the vehicle. The regular tires were removed and runflat tires were added instead. The car took the shape of an armored car, but it couldn’t accommodate all the features for obvious reasons. Still, your discrete car is a generation ahead than an ordinary car.


You can have bullet proofing and other notable features of a normal armored car into your discrete car. Depending upon the budget you have available, the features can be added. It is up to you to choose features according to your requirements. If you want to remove plating from some parts of the car, or don’t want to install runflat tires, or the heavy duty suspension, then you can have all these removed. Of course, the budget will come down, but the protection level will also decrease. Get in touch with car armoring companies and they’ll help you by providing the modifications that you need to have in your car.