Tobacco and its many forms

The irony is that people speak against tobacco but the same people use tobacco but they are not that wrong, somehow. Tobacco is dangerous. It effects your lungs and different parts of the body. According to international health reports, the patients of  lung cancer are increasing because of increment in the intake of tobacco. However, it tobacco at the same time which gives you space and vacuum to think because you cannot come with new idea when you are surrounded by public. Therefore, there are now few things which can replace the tobacco by giving you same vacuum but take car of your health. Some of them are: 

  1. E-cigarette: E-cigarette is the perfect that we are now in age of digitization! As its name suggest, it is an electronic cigarette which you can vape like a normal cigarette. The cigarette runs on battery. You have to charge it before you use. The cigarette comes in different flavors. These flavors do not let your room to smell of nicotine that you vape. It smells of the flavor which you select. However, E-cigarette is more dangerous, it is chapter because you can use it for years after buying it once. 
  2. Nic salts: Nic salts are another replacement of tobacco. They are nicotine salts which are inserted as cartridge in pod system which the caper use. While vaping a pod, the vaper vape these salts. These salts are made by mixing acids and base. The best part of nic salts is that they have high quantity of nicotine which can satisfy the need of a person and help them to leave the habit. Meanwhile, it is expensive too much. Besides, the salts does not hurt your throat because it has freebase which let the salt pass smoothly. 
  3. Vape juice: Vape juice or e-juice is the mixture of vegetable glycerine or propylene glycerol and food grade in which nicotine is included. Vegetable glycerine or propylene glycerol make 90 percent while food grade make 10 percent of the vape juice. The cartridge if vape juice can be inserted into e-cigarette vape pods. They are available in different flavors like ketchup and strawberry. You can find vape juice in UAE as well. There are, in UAE, vape stores

So, that’s what you can use instead of tobacco and cigars. These are the choices of capers of today. Some of them are very unhealthy but they can help you out to get free from habit of vaping.